IntermarkSavills presents PCM TOP-100 (Prime Central Moscow TOP-100 Index)

10 october 2011
The average price for one sq.m in the TOP-100 apartments in Moscow has gone up to 39 200 USD


IntermarkSavills presents the latest PCM TOP-100 index value (Prime Central Moscow TOP-100 Index). The index is based on the weighted average price of one sq.m in the TOP-100 apartments for sale in Moscow. The ТОР-100 elite apartments include both newbuild and second-hand supply at the highest price for one sq.m.

In the past three months the TOP-100 list has been refreshed by 20% as apartments have been sold or taken off sale. The average weighted price for one sq.m in these apartments was 36 600 USD. Since the start of 2011 the list has been refreshed by 80% – mainly due to properties with a higher price for a sq.m.

Monolit At the end of September 2011 the PCM TOP-100 value reached 39 200 USD/sq.m, 3,2% higher than at the end of July 2011 and 6,1% higher than December, 2010. The maximum price for one sq.m of an apartment in the TOP-100 list is approximately 65 thousand USD, the minimum – approximately 30 thousand USD. Two thirds of the current supply of elite properties are in a price range between 32 000 and 40 000 USD/sq.m.

Barkli Virgin House

The average budget for an apartment included in the TOP-100 list is 11 million USD. The total cost of the TOP-100 elite apartments in Moscow is 1,1 billion USD. The price of the most expensive property on the Moscow real estate market (excluding mansions) is 29,9 million USD. Apartments up to 15 million USD prevail in the supply budget structure (80% of supply).

71 apartments on the TOP-100 list are for sale on the secondhand property market, the rest are new-build. Most properties in the TOP-100 list (45%) are located in the Ostozhenka area, 14% and 12% are in Patriarshie Prudy and Arbat respectively.

The floor area of the TOP-100 elite apartments in Moscow ranges between 110 and 830 sq.m, the average floor area being 281 sq.m. Every fifth property on the TOP-100 list is a penthouse. In comparison with July, 2011 the supply structure of the most expensive apartments has changed dramatically – the number of properties with a floor area of over 300 sq.m has increased by 30% due to a decrease in the share of smaller size properties.

All apartments on the TOP-100 list are located in 50 residential complexes. The following addresses offer the highest prices:

  • Molochny Lane, 1;
  • Chrystal House (Korobeynikov Lane, 1/2);
  • Patriarch (Malaya Bronnaya Street, 44/15);
  • Ostozhenka Street, 11/17;
  • Monolit (Kosygina Street, 19);
  • Novaya Ostozhenka (1st Zachatyevsky Lane, 5-9);
  • Romanov Lane, 5;
  • Pozharsky Lane, 11;
  • Barkli Virgin House (1st Zachatyevsky Lane, house 8/9);
  • Posolsky Dom (Borisoglebsky Lane, 11-13).

  • The following developers offer residential complexes with the largest quantity of TOP-100 elite apartments: Don-Stroy (10 apartments), RGI International (9 apartments), and BARKLI Corporation (8 apartments).


    Dmitry Khalin,
    Managing Partner of IntermarkSavills

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