Intermark establishes two new departments

03 november 2005
<p>This autumn Intermark Group expands its spheres of action into consulting and investment in residential real estate areas. New departments of Consulting, Evaluation and Analytical research have been strategically combined in one department and a separate Investment Department has been established. Strategic Consulting and Evaluation Department offers full range of services in consulting on development and promotion of residential real estate projects: </p>

  <li>Comprehensive consulting on settling/development of new territories in Moscow and Moscow region; </li>

  <li>Long term consultancy service on all stages of development projects’ realization; </li>

  <li>Business planning, feasibility study; </li>

  <li>Express consulting on urgent inquiries; </li>

  <li>Market research; </li>

  <li>Evaluation of property and business; </li>

  <li>Evaluation of property and business on third party request including registration of legal reporting documents (licensed evaluation); </li>

  <li>Estimation of market costs of property and business as part of consulting service, partake in the service; </li>

  <li>Financial economic modeling.
    <p>Alexander Shatalov, Partner: “Intermark Group has more then 3 years of experience in providing this kind of services to our clients. We have accumulated valuable experience in development and promotion of residential real estate projects and now we are bringing this sphere of our business to the new qualitative level. We changed our department structure to a more flexible model and hired additional team of professional analysts, consultants, evaluators and marking specialists. This enables us to provide full range of highly professional services.” </p>
    <p>Investment Department provides the following services: </p>

  <li>Foreign and Russian investment foundation for developer projects; </li>

  <li>Consulting individual and corporate investors on investment attraction of investment objects available on the market and selection of optimal objects according to investor’s strategy; </li>

  <li>Preparation of investment memorandum for sellers of investment objects; </li>

  <li>Search, consulting and assistance in buying of existing objects bringing stable rent income for individual investors.
    <p>For more information please call <font color="#ff6600"><b>(495) 775 2240</b></font></p>

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