The Land Rover Extreme Tour under the sponsorship of IntermarkSavills finished in the complex «Katerina-Alpik» in Krasnaya Polyana

03 october 2007

On September 20-22 the Musa Motors company under the sponsorship of IntermarkSavills organized an extreme tour for Land Rover owners. The expedition ran along the most picturesque places of Krasnodarsky Krai. Mountain rivers, waterfalls, canyons, rocks and caves – all these elements were conquered by brave expedition participants.

The lucky beggars who took part in the two-week adventure were selected during the drawing of places in the Musa Motors showroom. IntermarkSavills drew a permit to spend a weekend in the apartments of the modern complex «Katerina-Alpik» and made a presentation of the complex to the guests of the lottery.

On September 20, twenty Land Rover off-road cars took aboard ten brave teams. Being leaders by nature, the expedition participants showed their concentration, the art of driving and the ability to overcome difficulties under extreme conditions. The team – absolute rally winner – was revealed with the help of an impartial electronic calculation system. The titles of Mr. and Mrs. Land Rover were awarded in the individual test. The best employees of IntermarkSavills shared all burdens of road and the joy of victory with the extreme adventurers.

After two intense days of adventures the rally participants became the first guests of the clubhouse in the new residential complex «Katerina-Alpik». They got an opportunity to get relaxed in the sauna and Turkish baths and take a rest on a clubhouse terrace. In the restaurant of the complex there was an award ceremony for the rally winners followed by a fest buffet table. After the rest and awards, the rally participants examined the residential complex and apartments offered by IntermarkSavills for sale.

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