IntermarkSavills presents PCM TOP-100 (Prime Central Moscow TOP-100 Index)

16 december 2010

Over the last five years the Russian capital has been among the top five most expensive world cities for premium class residential property prices, competing with Monaco, London, New York and Paris for the garland.

IntermarkSavills features PCM TOP-100 (Prime Central Moscow Top-100 Index) which is an index showing the average cost of 1 square meter in Moscow’s most expensive apartments currently on the market. The index allows an assessment to be made of the pricing environment based upon reliable and current data for the elite residential property market.

The Top-100 Index includes both new and second hand elite apartments with the highest cost per square meter.

In December 2010 PCM TOP-100 reached $36,950 per sq.m which is 12.6% higher than the same figure a year ago. The highest cost per square meter in a Top-100 elite apartment exceeds $58,000, and the lowest is approximately $30,000.

The average budget for a Top-100 elite apartment is $9.9 million. Therefore, the total cost for the top hundred elite Moscow apartment amounts to almost $1 billion. The most expensive property costs more than $30 million; and the 100th place is taken by an apartment costing $4.5 million.

Molochny per

Novaya Ostozhenka

64 apartments in the Top-100 are second homes, and the rest – new-build property. About 55% of the Top-100 property is located in the Ostozhenka area, 13% – in Khamovniki, but outside the Sadovoye Ring Road. The remainder are located in Tverskaya (9%), Patriarshiye Prudy (8%), Arbat (7%), and Yakimanka (5%). In Chistye Prudy and Presnensky there are isolated apartments of the Top-100.

The floor area of the most expensive Moscow apartment ranges from 140 to 830 sq.m., and the average floor area amounts to 267 sq.m. Only one third of the Top-100 properties are penthouses, the rest are located on other floors.

Only 12 residential complexes have apartments in the Top-100 apartments. The highest prices are found in the following projects: Molochny per., 1; Novaya Ostozhenka (1-y Zachatyevskiy per., 5-9); Kristall House (Korobeinikov per., estate 1/2); Respect (Bolshoy Gnezdnikovsky per., 3); Patriarch (Ermolayevskiy per., 15/44); Bryusov per., 19; Granatny, 6; Stolnik (Maly Levshinsky, 5).



Dmitry Khalin,
IntermarkSavills Managing Partner,
Head of Strategic Consulting Department

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