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26 february 2008

Dear visitors,

We are pleased to announce that there are a number of useful new additions to our company site:

1) A new sign-up model for the renewal of Sales and Rentals catalogues. That is, the visitor can supply criteria for properties he is interested in, and when corresponding properties turn up on the data-base (the website), he will receive an email with information about these properties. There is a link to the sign-up form on any page with catalogue search results.

2) A change to the in-town and out-of-town property search algorithm (rental, sales). Now it is much more convenient to search for properties.

The Search Panel can be found on the main pages of the following sections:
Buy apartment
Buy house
Rent apartment
Rent house
You can make now make your region and location (hihgway) choice on in-town and out-of-town properties with an interactive flash-map of Moscow and the Podmoskovie region.

Significantly wider list of search parameters. It is now possible to independently fill in the parameter range (for example, not to choose the given price of a property from the list supplied, but to to fill in for yourself a range of desired prices).

The addition of the ability to search for in-town properties by metro station. (for Buy apartment and Rent aprtment catalogues). You can choose the station from a list or from an interactive metro map.

3) There is an “international property” catalogue. A search panel for the catalogue can be found on this page . Now you can search for international properties by country and by the desired type of property.

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