IntermarkSavills presents its new exclusive service "Your Personal Broker in London"

29 february 2008

IntermarkSavills presents its new exclusive service "Your Personal Broker in London".

The first to know about this new service were journalists from 20 Moscow publications (trade magazines, periodicals, and magazines about property and luxury goods services), as well as from two television companies, who all met on the 28 th February at a press-lunch at the Kalina Bar restaurant with its luxurious views over Moscow.

Representatives of the IntermarkSavills Moscow office took part in the press-lunch, as well as those from the London office of Savills, and specialists from the estate agency Prime Purchase (which is part of the Savills group).

From analysing the development of the property market and listening to their clients’ requests and wishes, IntermarkSavills now offers its consumers a new service, a demand for which they noticed had already developed. "Your Personal Broker in London" is the unique work of the London company Prime Purchase, which IntermarkSavills is able to offer its Moscow clients. The help of a professional is particularly necessary when it comes to the international property market.

"Your Personal Broker in London" receives information about a property before it comes on the market thanks to its large property search network. This allows him to get there before his competitors. The agents at Prime Purchase look over around 50 new properties valued over 1 million pounds in London and its environs every week, while at the same time the company’s database contains around 500 interesting properties.

Even a few years ago the London property market was exclusively orientated towards the interests of sellers, while buyers, turning up at an estate agents’, could only choose from a limited number of properties. Thanks to the services of "Your Personal Broker in London" representing his clients’ interests, the buyer can choose from the WHOLE spectrum of properties for sale in and around London. As well as this, the client can be certain that an experienced consultant will represent his needs and will be able to give objective advice on the choice of apartment.

Specialists from IntermarkSavills, together with their colleagues from Prime Purchase, also told their guests at the press-lunch about the current property market situation in the British capital. Expensive London property is attractive to the Russian investor not only because it is fashionable but also because it is a long-term investment in a stable economy, with constant rental rates and favourable tax ratings.

There have not been negative income indicators for residential real estate on the London property market for 30 years. The average income indicator has been more than 10% a year. Nevertheless, there might still be some price corrections, and some fluctuations in the cost of residential real estate can always be found. The long-term trend, however, has been positive, and price of residential real estate continues to grow.

Analysts at IntermarkSavills note that the most expensive segment of the British property market remains the most "stress-free". In 2007, the number of transactions worth more than £5 million grew to 41%. A third of these transactions were worth more than £10 million, while more than half (55%) took place in Chelsea, South Kensington, Knightsbridge, and Belgravia.

According to IntermarkSavills data, in 2007 foreign buyers accounted for 56% of all London property deals worth more than £4 million. 11% of these were Indian, while 6.5% were from Russia.

The new IntermarkSavills service, "Your Personal Broker in london", is aimed at people who value not only beautiful, quality properties, but also the professionalism of specialists with many years’ worth of experience working on the London property market. This service is intended for people who value their time, while still expecting the highest level of service and the ability to choose the best properties from the widest possible range.

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