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12 april 2011

IntermarkSavills is happy to inform you about our new client service - security system – “Protect”.

‘Protect’ is a new effective supplement to a security system. Within 20 seconds the ‘Protect’ system puffs a thick smoke screen, which stops a criminal from seeing and moving around, and your belongings become invisible. ‘Protect’ is ideal for prevention of attempted robberies and vandalism in shops, offices, warehouses, etc. The system can fill a shop or a large office with smoke within 20 seconds.
The ‘Protect’ system is fully documented and has passed numerous laboratory tests. The smoke is proven to be harmless to people, animals, equipment, machines, furniture and other things.
The police and insurance sector consider the ‘Protect’ system a proper and valuable investment of capital in the struggle against breaks and robberies.

For more advanced information please follow the link "protection your home".

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