IntermarkSavills presents PCM TOP-100 (Prime Central Moscow TOP-100 Index)

19 april 2011

Average price for 1 sq.m in top 100 of the most expensive apartments of Moscow increased to USD 37,600/sq.m

IntermarkSavills presents a regular value of PCM TOP-100 (Prime Central Moscow Top-100 Index). This index is calculated as a weighted average cost of 1 sq.m in 100 of the most expensive Moscow apartments on sale. Тор-100 of prime apartments includes current offers with the highest price of 1 sq.m in both new-built and secondary markets.

At the end of the 1st quarter of 2011 the PCM TOP-100 amounted to 37 600 USD/sq.m, which is 1.8% higher that the same value for the end of 2010. At that, the maximum price of 1 sq.m exceeded USD 70,000 and the minimum one amounted to approximately USD 30,000.

The average budget for a Тор-100 apartment is USD 10.4 million. Therefore the total cost of Top-100 prime Moscow apartments is more than USD 1 billion. The cost of the most expensive offer on the Moscow residential market (excluding mansions) is more than USD 40 million.

73 of the Top-100 apartments are offered in the secondary market, the rest are new-built. About 55% of Top-100 projects are located in the Ostozhenka district, 8% – in Presnensky and Yakimanka districts each, as well as in Khamovniki, but beyond the Garden Ring. The rest are situated near Arbat (7%), Patriarshie Prudy (6%) and in the Tverskoy district (5%).

Molochny per

Crystal House
Grand Prix House

The floor area of Top-100 Moscow apartments varies from 110 to 950 sq.m, and the average is 277 sq.m. Only about 1/4 of Top-100 projects are penthouses, other apartments are not situated on top floors.

All the Top-100 apartments are located in 49 residential complexes. The highest prices are recorded in the following houses: Prechistenka Street, 27; ‘Crystal House’ (Korobeynikov Side-street, estate 1/2); ‘Eliton’ (3rd Obydensky Side-street, 2); Molochny Side-street, 1; Grand-Prix House (Butikovsky Side-street, 5); Arbatskaya Usadba (Trubnikovsky Side-street, 4); 1st Zachatyevsky Side-street, 6, building 1; Maly Znamensky Side-street, 7/10; Granatny, 6.

Apartments with the largest representation in the Top-100 are located in projects developed by the following companies: Don-Stroy (11 apartments), RGI International (10 apartments) and BARKLI Corporation (7 apartments).



Dmitry Khalin,
Managing Partner of IntermarkSavills

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