IntermarkSavills at the exhibition Domexpo International

16 october 2008

IntermarkSavills has presented the most interesting projects in Bulgaria and Montenegro at the exhibition Domexpo International in Gostini dvor from October, 9 till October, 12th

In a situation of fluctuating currencies and constantly changing prices at stock exchanges the real estate still remains a stable kind of investment. The real estate is considered to be the most safe way of preservation of the capital during the moments of depreciation of other actives: its cost not so inconstant as a stock value, it brings in the income not only of a gain of capital cost, but also of rent.

The projects in Bulgaria and Montenegro presented at the exhibition have caused a keen interest of visitors of the exhibition, including in view of the convenient offered schemes of financing.

Debar Str.
Bulgaria, Varna
Price: from € 109 830
San Marco
Montenegro, Dobrota
Price: from € 118 250
White Pearl
Bulgaria, Kavarna
Price: from € 143 500
Sveti Stefan
Montenegro, Sveti Stefan
Price: from € 630 700
Golden Valley
Bulgaria, Varna
Price: from € 114 486
Buena Vista Resort
Montenegro, Dobrota
Price: from € 168 000
Crystal SPA Aparthotel
Bulgaria, Varna
Price: from € 53 326
Sunshine Estates
Montenegro, Drazin Vrt
Price: on application
River Park
Bulgaria, Kavarna
Price: from € 71 240
Montenegro, Kotor
Price: on application
Bulgaria, Kavarna
Price: from € 58 589
The Residence
Montenegro, Budva
Price: on application

The exhibition was organized with support of the Complex of architecture, building, development and reconstruction of a city and the Russian Guild of realtors.

IntermarkSavills has received grand prix for the Best stand at an exhibition

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