The My Notebook section of our website has been updated.

02 march 2007

The My Notebook section of our website has been updated. If you are choosing a apartment to buy or rent, using the My Notebook function you can compare listings and choose the most suitable property according to your individual criteria.

Now you can easily add an unlimited number of properties that you like to your own personal notebook. Compare them, delete the ones that are not suited to you, and then you can immediately make an enquiry about the house or apartment which most closely meets your requirements.

Your enquiry will be sent to one of our experts here at IntermarkSavills, who will contact you at soon as they receive it.

If you need more time to decide, you can return to our site some time later, where the listings you earlier chose will still be in your notebook.

Only you will be able to access and view information contained in your notebook.

To find properties that most suit you insert keyword(s) in the quick search panel. A page of listings will be displayed and from the description of the property you like you can save it to your notebook

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