Intermark joins the Trade-Industrial Association of Moscow

20 september 2006

In August 2006, Intermark became a member of the Trade- Industrial Association of Moscow during a session of the organization’s Presidium of Management.

The fundamental criteria for companies joining the organization include having a respected reputation and high quality services. Only those companies and organizations are accepted into the organization that, within the framework of their commercial business, conduct themselves reliably politically and act reliably socially, diversifying and strengthening the civilized market in Russia.

Becoming part of this organization is indeed quite an honor. The association was first organized in December 2001 and is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. It unites more than 1,800 enterprises under the management of the association in Madrid and Berlin. The Moscow chapter actively works to develop communications and ties between the various regions and cities of Russia. The association also works internationally, having agreements with more than 90 similar organizations around the world. It is constantly organizing business meetings, foreign business delegations, presentations of companies and their products, conferences, round tables, seminars, etc.

As a member of the Trade-Industrial Association of Moscow, Intermark plans to actively participate in the work, round tables and other events sponsored by the organization. Intermark also now has the possibility of realizing its services and projects, as well as taking part in various special offers from other members of the association, not only in Moscow, but in other regions of the Russian Federation as well.

Working with the Trade-Industrial Association of Moscow allows Intermark to contribute even more to the development of the civilized market and market relations in Russia.

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