Snow Polo Cup 2006

07 march 2006
<p>Snow Polo Cup 2006, held on February 10-11 by Russian Polo Club at horseracing facility "Otrada", continued the world series of snow polo tournaments.</p>
<p>The participants proved out their consummate competence to control their mallets and ride dashing (like a new Ferrari) polo-ponies thanks to the organizers of the tournament – "Polo for Russia" Fund, Intermark and other partners.</p>
<p>Residential real estate agency Intermark acted as Snow Polo Cup partner, and in the frames of the event presented three property projects – out-of-town development "Stolnoye" and in-town new elite developments "B. Afanasyevsky" and “Italian Quarter”. The audience was demonstrated models of the projects with specialists of the agency highlighting the advantages of the developments.</p>
<p>The Intermark pavilion which accommodated around 400 guests during the event, boasted its hearth atmosphere and comfort.</p> <p>Despite frosty weather, no one froze up, as the guests were enjoying milled wine served by Intermark. </p>
<p>Besides information about the three projects, everyone had a chance to get information about Intermark and its properties, Intermark's catalogue, and information on foreign projects for rent and sale.</p>
<p>In addition, Intermark held a lottery, and four of the guests got valuable prizes.</p>

<p>Life is constantly changing, moving forward and bringing us new challenges. Alike, Intermark is developing and expanding its spheres of action. We continue participating in events of the city and out-of-town recreation.</p>
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