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RE "Patriot",
Universitetsky Pr 

Price $ 1 769 300
ID 180
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RE "Patriot", Universitetsky Pr.
  • Location: Leninsky Prospekt area
  • Square: 119 m²
  • Floors: 15
  • Sq.m. price: $ 14 800/m²

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Property details

Residential complex "Patriot" is located in one of the eco-friendly and prestige areas of Moscow. From different sides the complex is surrounded by green zones and parks. The infrastructure of the destrict is well-developed. Excellent private school, linguistic municipal school. tennis court, fitness center "Zdoroviye", health center is very close to the complex. The territory of "Patriot" is guarded and has twenty-four-hour video monitoring. One of the advantages is the undergroung parking and pass entry system.
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Sales Office: Moscow, Barykovskij per.2
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Properties in Patriot

 Universitetsky Pr. Universitetsky Pr., 16  Patriot  Leninsky Prospekt area Price: 100 000 000 R
  • Square: 120 m²
  • Floor: 6
  • rooms: 3
Apartments in this complex, sale
 Universitetsky Pr. Universitetsky Pr., 16  Patriot  Leninsky Prospekt area RC "Patriot", Universitetsky Pr. 16, 3 rooms
100 000 000 R 834 724 R/m² Location: Leninsky Prospekt area Universitet
  • 120 m²Square
  • 6Floor
  • 3rooms
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ID 61525
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