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Villa Cresce - ID: LAI160794 Villa Cresce
€ 985 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Cresce, Montone, Umbria, Italy Property type: house
  • 270 m²Area
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ID LAI160794
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Casale Fontana - ID: LAI160049 Casale Fontana
€ 2 500 000 Country: Italy Adress: Casale Fontana, Varallo Pombia, Lake Maggiore, Italy Property type: house, equestrian
  • 850 m²Area
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ID LAI160049
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Molin Bianco - ID: LAI180183 Molin Bianco
€ 1 800 000 Country: Italy Adress: Molin Bianco, Bucine, Tuscany, Italy Property type: house
  • 608 m²Area
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ID LAI180183
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Villa Impruneta - ID: LAI180178 Villa Impruneta
€ 8 950 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Impruneta, Impruneta, Tuscany, Italy Property type: house
  • 1 250 m²Area
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ID LAI180178
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Torre D'Avorio - ID: LAI160784 Torre D'Avorio
€ 495 000 Country: Italy Adress: Torre D'Avorio, Niccone Valley, Perugia/Umbria, Italy Property type: house
  • 140 m²Area
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ID LAI160784
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Monteloro - ID: LAI160033 Monteloro
€ 275 000 Country: Italy Adress: Monteloro, Anghiari, Tuscany, Italy Property type: house
  • 185 m²Area
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ID LAI160033
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Modern Apartment - ID: LAI180170 Modern Apartment
€ 745 000 Country: Italy Adress: Modern Apartment, Via Della Camillucia, Rome, Italy Property type: flat/apartment
  • 135 m²Area
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ID LAI180170
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Villa Canalecchia - ID: LAI151369 Villa Canalecchia
€ 890 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Canalecchia, Niccone Valley, Umbria Tuscany Border, Italy Property type: house
  • 500 m²Area
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ID LAI151369
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Il Molinello - ID: LAI151365 Il Molinello
€ 650 000 Country: Italy Adress: Il Molinello, Cortona, Tuscany, Italy Property type: house
  • 250 m²Area
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ID LAI151365
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Villa Carlina - ID: LAI160698 Villa Carlina
€ 1 725 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Carlina, Citta di Castello, Umbria, Italy Property type: house, estate, sporting, equestrian
  • 390 m²Area
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ID LAI160698
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