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Olivastri and Sentinella Estates - ID: LAI180142 Olivastri and Sentinella Estates
€ 26 000 000 Country: Italy Adress: Olivastri and Sentinella Estates, Porto Rafael, Sardinia, Italy Property type: house
  • 589 m²Area
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ID LAI180142
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flat/apartment - ID: 489403 flat/apartment
€ 1 650 000 Country: Italy Adress: Italy, Tuscany, Marina di Pisa Property type: flat/apartment
  • 220 m²Area
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ID 489403
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Carate Urio - ID: LAI180604 Carate Urio
€ 3 900 000 Country: Italy Adress: Carate Urio, Lake Como, Lombardy Property type: house
  • 335 m²Area
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ID LAI180604
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Villa Valle Intelvi - ID: LAI180477 Villa Valle Intelvi
€ 1 150 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Valle Intelvi, San Fedele, Lombardy, 22028 Property type: house
  • 500 m²Area
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ID LAI180477
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Gaino - ID: LAI170955 Gaino
price on demand Country: Italy Adress: Gaino, Lake Garda, Lombardy, Italy Property type: house
  • 302 m²Area
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ID LAI170955
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Villa Sofia - ID: LAI180588 Villa Sofia
€ 995 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Sofia, Barga, Lucca, Tuscany Property type: house
  • 600 m²Area
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ID LAI180588
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Villa La Porcilaia - ID: LAI180491 Villa La Porcilaia
€ 3 300 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa La Porcilaia, Lucca, Tuscany Property type: house
  • 680 m²Area
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ID LAI180491
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Villa Carlotta - ID: LAI180133 Villa Carlotta
€ 1 300 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Carlotta, Soianella, Pisa, Tuscany Property type: house
  • 550 m²Area
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ID LAI180133
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Villa Sant'Alessio - ID: LAI170546 Villa Sant'Alessio
€ 1 500 000 Country: Italy Adress: Villa Sant'Alessio, Lucca, Tuscany Property type: house
  • 400 m²Area
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ID LAI170546
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Borgo Ferchia - ID: LAI170454 Borgo Ferchia
€ 850 000 Country: Italy Adress: Borgo Ferchia, Villa Basilica, Lucca, Tuscany Property type: house
  • 475 m²Area
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ID LAI170454
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