The Selling Process

The Selling Process

Your first contact with IntermarkSavills:

Call IntermarkSavills' Sales Department on +7 (495) 252-0099 or fill in the valuation form on our website, and a consultant will provide you all the necessary information. The more information we have about your apartment, the quicker and more effectively we will be able to assist you in the selling process.

Contract signing and real estate valuation:

The first step will be the signing of a contract with IntermarkSavills to confirm that we will sell your property. Then, a consultant will evaluate the market price of your property.

There are three methods of property market evaluation and an evaluation may be made using one or more of these:

1) Contrastive analysis: Using our database, we study recent sales and trends of similar properties. We evaluate properties recently sold using parameters of price, location, size and other factors.
2) Capitalization of earning power: We average out the sum which can be realised for the leasing the apartment. The amount receivable is compared with the deposit rate and with the profitability of other financial investments. Generally the monthly rent amounts to 1% of the selling price. Thus apartment profitability amounts 12% of annual earnings in foreign currency.
3) Cost analysis: This consists of an expense calculation for the purchase of similar properties on the primary and secondary markets. Expenses for renovation which would give the same fit out quality are also calculated. Depreciation of apartment renovation is also taken into account in using this method.

IntermarkSavills’ specialists provide a totally independent valuation service as they are neither employees of financial organisations nor representatives of a property developers, thus avoiding any risk of over- or under-evaluation.

For an evaluation of your property, please call IntermarkSavills’ Sales Department on 252 00 99 or fill in the form on our website.

How we market your property:

Effective marketing of a property enables you to find a buyer who agrees to the asking price quickly. We take time and effort to represent your property in the best possible light.

Cooperation with the buyer:

IntermarkSavills provides co-ordinates every step of the selling process with a potential buyer and provides all the necessary information in time and to the best effect.

Legal aspects:

When a buyer is found, it is necessary to formally legalise the sale of your property. Our professional lawyers, each of whom possesses a wealth of experience in the field of high-end residential real estate sales, will create an accurate, legal agreement which will safeguard your sale. The agreement will clearly set out all the necessary points of the sale, will define your rights in full as well as listing the obligations of both parties to the agreement and describing all necessary procedures.

Closing the deal:

Congratulations! You have just sold your property!

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