Why choose IntermarkSavills?

Why choose IntermarkSavills?

Selling real estate is a complex task. Our professional team of experts knows the nuances of this process in great detail and is ready to take you through the process of selecting a property and closing a deal.

IntermarkSavills deals with each case efficiently and on conditions favorable to you.

IntermarkSavills offers the following services for the sale of real estate:

  • Providing objective information about the market
  • Help and professional advice on preparing your property for sale
  • Buyer search, showing your property
  • Consulting on tax and legal issues relating to the sale of real estate
  • Negotiating
  • Organizing the sale of properties

IntermarkSavills has at its disposal an extensive database of potential buyers, among which are businessmen, politicians, directors of large corporations, governmental regional representatives and interested foreign buyers. Our database is updated and added to daily.

IntermarkSavills is ready to take upon itself the full process of the sale of a property, taking the load off your shoulders and saving you time. Our experts are also more than willing to consult with you on separate questions concerning the sale of your real estate.

We are distinguished by the high quality services we offer and the international standards by which we work. You can always rely on our professionalism.

Nina Reznichenko
Head of out of town department
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