Analitic materials

Analytics of real estate includes statistic real estate market research and tracking of supply and demand changes. Our experts identify main tendencies and possible ways of market development on the basis of obtained data and analysis of macroeconomic situation.

Savills team has a unique property basis and methods of data handling and objectively analyses real estate market relying on the experience of brokers, developers and investors. Even more than for 10 years we have been depicting the actual situation in the sphere of real estate sale and development. We provide reliable information for experts and also adapt it for our clients in press. You can find the particulars of different segments of real estate market research made by our team.

Savills has tremendous advantage due to its experience in long-term partnership with foreign companies in the sphere of property sales, development and professional valuation. Our partners trust us.

We draw on our western projects experience for research of supply and target audience in Moscow and regional markets.

Savills marketing research is a professional approach to understanding the specifics and structure of customer demand in real estate market. Savills experts believe that formation of “prospective customer” portrait is the earnest of success under circumstances of dynamic developing market.

The main areas of property analytics and market research in Savills:

  • Business and premium class real estate market research in Moscow and Moscow region.
  • Periodical publishing targeted to general audience according to the results of elite real estate market analysis
  • Detailed research of certain market segments: business-premium-economy
  • Research and Analysis of foreign developers’ projects.
  • Analysis of target audience for different, making the portrait of ‘prospective customer’.
  • Target real estate market research which includes curtain projects in local areas for project consulting department
  • Analysis and research of prospective residential projects which includes competitor’s projects for strategic consulting tasks.
  • Russian regional property market research
  • Development of prospective areas: analytics of non-residential (commercial, office), investment and resort property.
  • Highly accurate short-term and long-term forecasts of market research which includes price forecast, changes of supply and demand.

We constantly extend spheres of our activities and respond fast to competitive environment changes.

Here you'll find our regularly updated reports on Moscow real estate market.

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