Financial consulting

Financial Consulting is a scenario analysis of possibilities and limitations for investments into the project, creation of detailed financial model and recommendations for the most effective sales.
Financial consulting in real estate is aimed to effective investment and project management.

Savills experts possess a unique methodology of financial modeling which adjusts financial-economic indexes changes depending on initial data changes.
Low risk schedules of effective project sales are further determined on the basis of financial model. Financial model includes expected sales plan, investment activity and project profitability.

Investment consulting is a complex of services at issues of investment into prospective project to earn maximum profit in the process of further realization.

Investment consulting includes independent land plot valuation for prospective development, investment strategy and formulation of financial documentation.

Savills services in the sphere of financial and investment consulting:

  • Due Diligence (appraisal) and project optimization
  • Project investment strategy
  • Preparation of investment memorandums
  • Development of financial and economic patterns
  • Valuation of investment efficiency
  • Presentations for investors
  • Transaction support
  • Development of business plans

Savills services in the sphere of independent valuation:

  • Property valuation under Russian standards (FVS 1-3)
  • Property valuation under international standards (RICS)
  • Pre-project landplot valuation
  • Development of financial models of investment projects
  • Analysis of key activities of investment projects efficiency
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