Living in Moscow

Relocation Services

Your first visit:

An informative introduction to all aspects of living in Moscow (Russia), our flexible "look-and-see" program is tailored to your individual requirements.

Lease management:

Throughout the term of a lease, we act as a liaison between you and your landlord to resolve any issues that might arise during your living in Moscow (Russia).


For your experience to be more comfortable, we organize a comprehensive inspection of schooling options in Moscow and can even arrange meetings with the admissions departments of selected schools upon your request.


Your experienced consultant will be your host for this enjoyable practical tour of Moscow's amenities. From shopping to entertainment, we will arrange to introduce you to the facilities that will be important to you while living in Moscow (Russia).

Settling in:

Whether it's recommending an expatriate club or association to join or showing you some of Moscow most popular restaurants, we are here to ensure you settle quickly and comfortably into Moscow as your new home and adapt well to your living here.


On request, your consultant is able to source, select and buy household furnishings.

Saying goodbye:

Upon the conclusion of your time in Moscow, we will assist in the termination of your lease, arrange for the return of any security deposit from your landlord and provide a helping hand with any last-minute issues.

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