IntermarkSavills International Investments

IntermarkSavills provides property investment opportunities for private and corporate investors. We offer a unique service which supports each investor through the purchase and ownership process of their property investment. As part of this process IntermarkSavills provides research and analysis on global property markets, selects prime properties for investment, and even source mortgages and legal assistance.

IntermarkSavills search for the best opportunities available for our investors both on developed and developing markets. Each market and potential project is thoroughly researched and analysed before any investment is negotiated.

On becoming our client you will have access to in-depth research on particular markets including investment reports for both the country concerned and individual projects. Our property information is updated on a regular basis and our property advisors fully briefed on market changes.

Based on a one to one consultation we review clients’ investment objectives and then help build the most appropriate property portfolio for them, ensuring that the levels of risk match their investment profile.

Analysing markets, due diligence on developers, researching properties, conducting viewings and finding the right property can all be a time consuming process. At IntermarkSavills we assist our clients with every aspect of their investment to enable them to buy, with as few complications as possible.

Making an investment in a developing property market can sometimes appear complicated, especially in those countries where the legal structure is less developed. Our aim is to ensure that investing in these markets is made as simple as possible, by unravelling some of the complexities to equip investors with a better knowledge.

Before the launch of a new project, we spend time selecting a competent local law firm and reviewing all legal documents with their assistance and negotiate special terms in purchase contracts to ensure maximum protection for investors.

In those markets where mortgage financing is available, we select a bank that can offer the most favourable terms for foreign investors. We assist with mortgage applications and offers through our own mortgage advisor.

Our team consists of professionals with vast experience and appropriate education: our specialists have degrees in property investments from Cass Business School, London. They have been consulting private and corporate investors in London and Moscow, structured more than 250 property portfolios worth more than 900 mln USD with average profit of +35%.

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