How we market your property

Savills will make every effort to show your property at its best. We take time and effort to represent every aspect of a residential property in the best possible light; we then place it in the most appropriate media to ensure efficient and professional marketing.

Print advertising

marketWe consistently advertise in publications that reach our targeted audience i.e. The Moscow Times, The Russia Journal, For Rent & Sale, Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, Mir I Dom, Elitnaya Nedvizhimost and Galereya Nedvizhimosty.

Client base

With one of the largest client bases in Moscow, Savills is able to show your property to potential clients IMMEDIATELY. Our database is constantly updated to ensure a maximum number of potential clients receive your information.

Web marketing

Immediately upon receiving your instructions, we place your residential property to rent on our high-traffic website We also use web-based direct marketing e.g. Savills's "Property of the Week" e-newsletter.

Custom publications

We include information about the property in special Savills publications sent directly to 10000 specially targeted potential tenants e.g. Savills magazine.

Partner agencies

Savills regularly co-operates with all of Moscow's top real estate agencies to share and collect market information. When you list your property with Savills, we immediately inform our colleagues from within these partner agencies and work closely with them to conclude the leasing of your property as efficiently as possible.
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