Why use Savills

Why use Savills

7,000 + Moscow landlords can’t be wrong

Savills rents one in 4 properties in central Moscow. During the past decade, we have helped more than 7,000 Moscow landlords let their properties. About 10,000 prospective tenants are registered with Savills at any one time.

48 hours to go!

Just 48 hours after receiving instructions to place your property on the market, one of our specialists will process and begin to market your property. In processing a client’s property, we place it not only on the web, but also in our database and in the hands of our buyers and tenants within two days. This means high resolution digital photography for use on the website and in magazines and newspapers, accurate and detailed floor plans, location maps, production of on-line, printable, color brochures together with off-line details i.e.: glossy brochures for distribution through our front office and specially targeted buyers, plus the copywriting and distribution of advertisements to be displayed in different media.

Our website

Intermarksavills.ru is by far the most visual and high-traffic Moscow property website, with 10,000+ properties for sale or rent, more than 80% of which are exclusive to us and all of which are comprehensively displayed to include a selection of high resolution digital photographs, accurate and detailed floor plans, location maps and the production of on-line, printable, color brochures…all absolutely up to date.

Longer working hours

In addition to our normal working hours, our professional consultants are available in the evenings until 9p.m. and all day Saturday and Sunday. That’s because our priority is providing excellent customer service. This enables us to personally show more than 400 properties per week, many during evenings and at weekends.

Property management

For a modest monthly fee, Savills professionals look after the upkeep of your rental properties and handle any unexpected problems that may arise. From keeping track of monthly utility bills to repairing a leaky faucet to managing your lease, this service will save you time and protect your investment.

Marketing your property

In order to achieve the highest lease price in the optimal amount of time, our professional marketing team quickly and efficiently puts together a promo campaign for your property. This includes advertising in Savills’s publication, 30,000 copies of which are distributed quaterly in elite residential blocks, business centres, embassies, restaurants, fitness centres and other places visited by potential tenants. In addition, we regularly advertise in publications like The Moscow Times, RPN, The Russia Journal, For Rent & Sale, Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung, Mir I Dom, Elitnaya Nedvizhimost and Galereya Nedvizhimosty.

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