Expatriate Spouse Coaching and Workshops

Expatriate Spouse Coaching and Workshops

A successful international assignment is strongly influenced by the integration and general happiness of the expatriate spouse.

Relocating an employee can cost a company up to ten times their basic salary therefore it is worth investing some time and money in looking after the emotional as well as practical well being of their spouse.

Coaching the ‘Trailing Spouse’ from the very start can prevent many of the most common problems faced by those on new assignments:

  • Feelings of loneliness & isolation.
  • Frustration of the unknown or new way of doing things in a new country and environment.
  • Pressure to integrate and settle the family.
  • Loss of identity - many spouses have given up their own successful careers to become 'just' the husband or wife of the expatriate employee.

Coaching helps the expatriate spouse set their own goals and make decisions about what they want to achieve, whether they wish to find employment, study, take up new hobbies, sport or have an active social life.

Coaching supports and encourages but is always focused on achieving results.

Coaching can either be done privately - one-to-one sessions or with group workshops tailored to your needs.

Workshop Programmes

  1. Dealing with the transition phases of culture shock.
  2. Defining goals, designing a new life and recreating identity.
  3. Repatriation and ‘Reverse Culture Shock’.

The Coach

Claire Geddes is an experienced Expat and Career Coach. Following a successful career in the UK, Claire is now a ‘Trailing Spouse’ in her 4th country with 3 young children (Third Culture Kids).

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