There are some excellent ways to get rid of distress for your property!

If you include public liability insurance in your policy, you will be able to solve any problems with your neighbors easily at the expense of Renaissance Insurance in cases when their property is damaged – for example, because of flooding.

You see all the possible options of a policy ‘kitting’ and just choose an appropriate one.

You buy only the insurance that you need and don’t pay more.

You may insure your apartment and other property without any inspection and inventory.

Apartment, property and valuables – all those things play an important role in our life. We put our efforts, time, capital put into each part and each item. Then they become a source of our pride, a base for a happy family life and a pledge for a stable future.

Comfort Formula is an easy and modern way to avoid unpredictable expenses for reclamation of damaged property, since it is simpler and more economical to insure than to take a bank loan and depend on your salary – especially nowadays.

Choose an option including public liability insurance and you will be able to solve any problems with your neighbors easily, if their property is damaged – for example, because of flooding. Let you always get along well with your neighbors.

Advantages of our formula
  • Each option of the Comfort Formula insurance includes the insurance of interior finish and facilities of your apartment (your remodeling) and insurance of your property.
  • All the options of Comfort Formula include insurance against consequences of the most widespread cases of property damage such as a fire, domestic gas explosion, flooding and natural disasters, as well as illegal acts (robbery, plunder, vandalism, etc.).
  • We will help you to establish order and repair damaged doors and windows promptly, if your apartment suffers from damage.
  • Four of five variants of Comfort Formula may be bought without filling of an application for insurance, without inspection and inventory.
  • While executing a policy, you don’t have to provide title documents for your apartment. They will be needed only in case of insured event.
  • We pay out money within 15 days after the provision of all documents concerning the insured event.

‘Your apartment is damaged and you cannot live there for some time. We will pay for your temporary accommodation’.

If you include lease expenses in your policy, Renaissance Insurance will pay for rent of temporary housing.

Object and amount insured (maximum amount insured), RUR
Possessions furniture, household equipment, musical instruments, clothes


up to 900.000
Valueables jewelery, antiquities, art, arms, furs, etc. any
Civil liability for neighbours' property damage


up to 600.000
Insurance cases
Fire, lightening, utility gas explosion + + + + +
Natural calamities + + + + +
Flooding + + + + +
Criminal acts robbery, looting, wilful damage, hooliganism, vandalism + + + + +
Mechanical damage falling trees, airborne vehicles, cranes and other construction machinery; capital repairs by the neighbours + +
Terrorist attack +
Urgent window, doors (locks) restoration, cleaning + + + + +
Official document collection in regard of the insurance case +
Payment of up to 25.000 RUR without official document production +
Franchise The first insurance case – without a franchise, further on - 1% of the amount insured but no more than 15.000 RUR
Policy price, RUR. 2.500 5.000 7.500 up to 40.000 individual
* – for details please contact the insurance expert

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