Residential building types in Moscow

Pre-revolutionary buildings /mansions

These charming buildings were constructed in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, before the October Revolution in 1917. Most of them are situated in the historical centre of the city. Pre-revolutionary buildings stand out because of their fine architecture, beautiful facades and grand antique entrances. Most of them were once the private residences of wealthy Muscovites. Apartments usually feature up to 4-meter high ceilings with original moldings and spacious rooms with large windows. Some apartments may even have working fireplaces. Choosing an apartment in a pre-revolutionary building offers the best of old Moscow’s character.

Buildings in Moscow

Stalin-era buildings

Stalin era architecture is mainly found on the principal avenues and streets of Moscow such as Tverskaya, Kutuzovsky, Leninsky and Leningradsky prospects. These monumental concrete buildings constructed from the 1930s to the 1950s offer quality accommodation with high ceilings and thick walls. Entrances in such buildings are often small, simple and call for care and upgrade. However, the apartments, when refurbished, are spacious and comfortable. Seven of the skyscrapers in Moscow are certainly the most outstanding examples of Stalin architecture in its most grandiose sense. Breathtaking views, balconies and magnificent entrances will create a very special atmosphere for your home and will definitively impress your visitors. Moreover, if you are new to the city, you will unlikely have trouble finding your way to your new home!

Post-Stalin period buildings

Post-Stalin buildings are considered downgraded versions of Stalin-era buildings with somewhat lower ceilings and smaller apartments. Built in 1960's -1970's, these concrete structures have 6 – 8 storeys, plain brick facades and ceilings no higher than 3 meters. The buildings have quality apartments, elevators and average Moscow entrances.

Panel and block buildings

This type of building can be divided into three categories:

  • 17- to 22-storey, newly built apartment buildings. These block buildings are a great alternative for those interested in an affordable accommodation.
  • Up to 17-storey apartment buildings built during the 1990s, with relatively low ceilings and plain rooms. Can mostly be found outside of the Moscow Garden Ring, in the so-called “sleepy areas” of the city.
  • Old panel 5- to 9-storey buildings built in the 1960s (“Khrushevki”)– 1980s when simplicity and low cost were the priority. These buildings are symbols of mass construction and are not considered elite real estate.

Ministerial buildings

These yellow brick high-rises were built for the employees of the various ministries and state organizations including the KGB in the late 1970s-1980s. These buildings offered elite accommodation to the high-level Communist Party and Soviet officials of the time. Apartments were significantly superior to the other types of buildings of the Soviet era. They offer large rooms, spacious halls and kitchens, separate storage rooms and service areas and have more than one bathroom. Moreover, these buildings were designed with greater security in mind and have concierges, fenced yards and guarded parking. All entrances are spacious, clean and are decorated with carpets and plants.

Modern developments

These buildings can also be divided into three categories:

  • Business-class buildings. These are monolith-brick houses built according to individual architectural projects. The most obvious examples are the Vorobievy Gory and Alye Parusa developments. These are high quality residential complexes built to provide their tenants all the amenities one can expect from a modern home.
  • Elite developments have a limited number of apartments (40-60) and are located in the most prestigious parts of the city, have impressive elaborate entrances, high-level security, independent infrastructures (heating, phone lines, Internet, etc), are very well equipped and managed and usually offer underground parking.
  • VIP club houses are very much like elite developments, but have even fewer apartments (no more then 30 apartments). Built to address all the possible requirements of a modern home, they usually offer all the possible modern amenities, including underground parking, fitness centers, pools and even spas. Property management is superb. These buildings offer the most luxurious accommodation in Moscow today.

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