Moscow districts

Arbat – Kropotkinskaya

Arbat is still one of the most famous and popular residential areas of Moscow. It is situated very close to the Kremlin, on its west side, and represents the architectural heritage of the old Moscow.

The Old Arbat is a true symbol of Moscow. It is part a street theatre and part art market with plenty of tourist-oriented souvenir shops where you can buy anything from fur hats to matrioshka dolls. The New Arbat is now the main artery heading westwards out of Moscow and lined with an array of shops and restaurants.

The area between the Old Arbat and Prechistenka takes back to the unique world of quiet lanes where each house is still steeped in the atmosphere of old Moscow. There is a good selection of prerevolutionary, Stalin type buildings – as well as probably the largest number of modern buildings with underground parking in the centre.

The area between Prechistenskaya embankment and Ostozhenka stands a bit apart from the rest of the area and is known as Golden Mile - for its most expensive residential properties in buildings of modern design.

It is important to mention that Arbat is popular both with foreign and Russian tenants of luxurious housing. There is a big number of embassies here, so that the area is very favorable for living in terms of security, prestige, homogeneity of the environment and the atmosphere.

Rent apartments in Arbat – Kropotkinskaya district

Patriarshy Ponds

Patriarshy Ponds is a relatively small residential area to the west of the Kremlin – located between the areas of Arbat/Kroporkinskaya and Tverskaya. It is one of the most elite neighborhoods in Moscow – and when it comes to rentals one of the most expensive. It is a brand in itself – many expats coming to Moscow want to live in “Patriarshy Ponds” without knowing much about the area – because they have been told it is “a place to be”.
Though the area has only one big supermarket – Alye Parusa on Bol. Bronnaya street – it has lots of cafes and restaurants.

Bear in mind that this area has a very limited number of modern buildings – so in case underground parking and premium class entrance are your priorities, the apartment search will be not easy.

Rent apartments in Patriarshy Ponds district


Tverskaya street is the main street of Moscow, a wide central avenue bustling with life, with large buildings on the sides where there are various shops, clubs, cafes, and restaurants inside. Tverskaya street is Moscow’s 5th Avenue. During big national holidays, the traffic on Tverskaya is blocked, and the street turns into a major party venue.

But if you are looking for a quiet place to live still do not discard it. The area has a number of side streets well protected by other buildings from the hum and noise of Tverskaya (see above the list of the most popular residential side streets). Easy commute to major international schools located in the North accounts for the fact that quite a lot of expat families with kids live in There are two parks – the Hermitage Garden, which is a centre of cultural life housing many concerts and exhibitions in summertime, and Miussky park near Belorusskaya metro station, which is a popular place for families with kids.

Tverskaya area has its own pedestrian streets – Kamergersky and Stoleshnikov lane, which competes with Old Arbat in the number of cafes and restaurants of all types (Including Café des Artists and Starbucks). Stoleshinikov is also the street where luxury boutiques like Chanel and Hermes are located.

Rent apartments in Tverskaya-Kremlin district

Chistye Prudy/Lubyanka/Kitay Gorod

This is a great place to walk with elegant buildings. Busy streets neighbor tranquil lanes and courtyards with traditional architecture. Many embassies are based here and it is close to the French school.

This residential area is relatively small. Most of the residential buildings in the area are pre-revolutionary with high ceilings and interesting architecture, often the entrance is renovated and well presented. There is a number of new houses, but not a lot, mainly on Daev per and Mashkova street.

Rent apartments in Chistye Prudy/Lubyanka/Kitay Gorod districts


This area has a distinct Moscow feel and world famous Tretyakovsky gallery with its lovely pedestrian street is also located here.

This area has fewer residential buildings then other main central areas. This and the fact that it houses Primary French school creates high demand in the area, especially for large (3 bedrooms +) apartments. The housing options which do come on the market are mostly pre-revolutionary buildings, with few Stalin type buildings and modern developments.

Rent apartments in Zamoskvorechie district


This area stretches along the Moscow River and offers many green areas. You can hardly find some more green and calm area all over Moscow. Great area to consider for families – housing options are represented mostly by Stalin type buildings with few pre-revolutionary houses and new developments. Given the uniqueness of this area, apartments (especially large ones 3 bedrooms +) are in high demand.

Famous Gorky Park with lots of entertainment facilities for children lies across the river and the beautiful Novodevichy convent (surrounded by park) and the Luzhniki Olympic sports complex is nearby, as well as not large but cozy Park Devichiego Polya. Another great asset of the area is Mandelstam Park (officially renamed Usadba Trubetskih, but the poet’s name endures). It is a wonderfully developed and family friendly area beautifully kept, with a good sized lake, full of flowers in summer and with skating and sledging facilities in winter.

Rent apartments in Frunzenskaya district

Krasnopresnenskaya / Barrikadnaya

This region is currently undergoing a major transition principally with the development of the 'City project', Moscow's financial district. Upon completion of this ambitious scheme, the area's primary advantage is it’s proximity to the enormous number of the offices that occupy the buildings. Here you will find the Moscow Zoo, The White House and the American Embassy. There are many restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and clubs nearby.

Stadium “Krasnaya Presnya” right next to metro Krasnopresnenskaya offers a rare opportunity to those who like jogging (free of charge). There is also a football field and beach volley-ball playground you can rent on an hourly basis.

This area is another good solution for families and for those who want to be close to the centre, but in a quiet area with some greenery around – there is a Detsky Presnensky Park and nice park around Kransnopresnensky prudy. Housing options vary from Stalin type buildings and earlier 90s brick buildings on Zoologicheskaya street to new developments with underground parking.

Rent apartments in Krasnopresnenskaya / Barrikadnaya districts


The Taganskaya area is located on the eastern section of the Garden Ring and extends beyond it. Taganskaya is probably the most undervalued area of central Moscow. In the Soviet time the neighborhood was chiefly built to accommodate Moscow’s working class and a lot of apartment buildings here are panel ones with small apartments of standardized floor plan and low ceilings. However the situation gradually changes as an increasing number of business centres and quality residential developments are built in this area.

If this is where your office is Taganskaya may definitely be your area of choice. Apartment options in this area can be found in prerevolutionary, Stalin type (skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya embankment) and modern buildings.

Taganskaya Plostchad, located right outside of the metro Taganskaya, is a large busy square with lots of restaurants and cafes, some shopping centres and a popular jazz club. Several drama theatres (including legendary Taganka theatre), a puppet theatre and the Illusion movie theatre in Kotelnicheskaya skyscraper (which often shows rare international movie classics)are to be found nearby.

Rent apartments in Taganskaya district

Tsvetnoy Boulevard

Tsvetnoy Boulevard area refers to the historical center of Moscow and therefore is very popular, especially, with foreign tenants. Apart from a central location and closeness to the Garden Ring, this area has a quite diverse and well-developed infrastructure. Due to several modern business-centers situated there (“Mosenka”, “Legenda”, “Tsvetnoy Boulevard”), big international companies’ employees are interested in renting an apartment in this area. Apart from that, there are a lot of restaurants, cafes, and also such leisure facilities as Puppet Theater, Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and sports complex “Olimpiyskiy” which is situated nearby. It should be noted that Tsvetnoy Boulevard area offers to potential tenants a good opportunity of housing of any class – not every district of Moscow can “show off” in such a variety.

Rent apartments in Tsvetnoy Boulevard district

Kutuzovsky prospect/Kuntsevo area

The area of Kuntsevo/Krylatskoe, lying further from the city centre, is an excellent location for families with children, especially since the opening of International School of Moscow.

Among other attractions of the area are Krylatsky Golf club, Olimpiysky velotrek, Serebryanny Bor recreational park and Vita Sport Fitness centre. This area is considered to be one of the best in Moscow in terms of ecology.

Rent apartments in Kutuzovsky prospect/Kuntsevo area districts

Leninsky Prospect

Leninsky prospect is a prestigious residential area popular with expats. Southern campus of British International School and several large national schools are located here, as well as several international kindergartens. Housing options vary from Stalin type buildings to new developments.

Rent apartments in Leninsky Prospect district

Prospect Mira area

Prospect Mira area is quite popular with tenants due to such factors as developed infrastructure, good transport access, and relative closeness to the center of Moscow. One of the biggest sport complexes of Moscow – Olympiyskiy – is situated here. It offers not only sport facilities, but also a big concert arena, shops and restaurants. Prospect Mira area has several picturesque parks (Botanical garden MGU, Park of Ekaterina II), leisure facilities (The theater of animals, Central academic theater of Russian Army), big international medical centers (European medical center, American medical center). The later ones, by the way, are an additional bonus for foreign tenants.

Rent apartments in Prospect Mira district

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