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Имея многолетний опыт сотрудничества с различными международными компаниями, эксперты компании Savills готовы предоставить клиентам полный набор качественных релокационных услуг: миграционное сопровождение экспатов, поиск жилья, переезд и многое другое.

As an elite real estate company, Savills has worked with large international companies for many years. If your business requires long term relocation of company representatives and staff abroad, we can provide you with a full range of professional relocation services.

What is included in our relocation services:

• Migration support

- Work permits;

- Obtaining visas;

- Obtaining residence permits;

- Notification of state agencies;

- Legalization of documents;

- Obtaining medical certificates.

• Property search

- Search and selection of the best house or apartment to rent, taking into account your budget, and other parameters you set, such as the location of the office and educational institutions;

- Accompanied property viewings, together with your personal consultant;

- Full legal support for each transaction;

- Lease negotiation with the owner to achieve favourable terms governing rent, deposits, repairs and alterations, domestic animals and so on;

- Assistance in finding temporary or interim accommodation in a serviced apartment;

- 24/7 Help-Desk Service.

• Transportation

- International and local relocation;

- Moving office;

- Import and transportation of personal collections and antiques;

- Import and transportation of vehicles;

- Accommodation and storage;

- Safe removals and packaging.

• Additional services

- Commercial real estate search and acquisition;

- School and kindergarten selection advice and assistance

- Furniture rental;

- Vehicle hire and rental.

You can trust Savills completely with accommodation rental for your partners or employees, as well as the solution of related issues.

We will answer all your questions regarding the move and we guarantee full-fledged support throughout the term of your lease.

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